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Our Success Speaks For Itself
  • Assisted over THOUSANDS of program participants in the last 15 years

  • Helped 71+ women regain custody of their children

  • 52% of program participants that complete our in-house program are still gainfully employed after 12 months

  • 97% of non-violent offenders who were previously incarcerated complete our program for rehabilitation

  • Decreased the re-entry rate of non-violent offenders by 10%

Our Services

H2H offers a variety of services to their full-time residents and others in the community including:

  • Life Skills Training

  • DUI Diversion Program

  • Empowering Women Program

  • Referral Services

  • Job Placement, Education and Career Development

  • Legal Assistance

  • Credit Score Restoration

  • Transportation Assistance, bus passes and obtaining driver's license

  • Vehicle Ownership Assistance

  • Veterans Program

  • Homeownership**


** We are the only program in the country that helps graduates to achieve home ownership

Success Story

In February of 2017 we took in a homeless couple, while in our program and  shortly after moving in to one of our facilities, they got pregnant. They were able to get into their feet through our employment services and repaired their credit enough to purchase one of our rehabbed properties. We arranged a mortgage for the couple with one of our preferred partner lenders. The couple moved into the property and the baby was born shortly after.  So to recap, within 10 months the couple has a job earning $1,000 per week, Clean & Sober free of legal holds, and a HOME....  WE COMPLETED THE PROCESS  from Homeless 2 Homeownership with NO government money. 

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