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Who We Are

Homeless 2 Homeownership “H2H” has assisted THOUSANDS of program participants. H2H assists the at-risk community: addicts, formerly incarcerated, homeless interested in working, women interested in leaving abusive relationship, and veterans. H2H’s goal is not only long-term employment, but long-term success. While success in treating addiction is 3% in the U.S. – YES 3% - H2H has operated at a 52% success rate 12 months later, with a success rate ABOVE 80% over the past 12 months. H2H treats the whole person, not just one aspect. H2H offers a program participant a new start in life.

What We Do

Social Service

  • Regain Driver’s License

  • Family Unification

  • Disposition of Legal Issues

  • Banking & Credit Repair


  • GED

  • Money Management

  • Life Skills

  • Continuing Education  (available at no cost through program)

Training and Transitioning into Long-Term Employment

Upon graduation (clean & sober 5 consecutive months, perfunctory training of industry), program participants transition into long-term employment. Employers hired and placed, on their payroll, 130 of 150 At-Risk program participants who were trained with them over the last year.

H2H needs funding for employment services for 5 months of training and placement. Program participants will graduate with a certificate in one of 4 industries:

  • Construction Services

  • Electrical Services

  • CDL

  • Hotel Operations

Communities will recoup investments as 85% of our program participants graduates are still employed a year later. Investment per program participants vary, but program participants repay over an estimated $20,000 in taxes and savings in 2 years.

House Painting
How We Are Funded

Unlike the other not for profits, H2H builds our program through real estate investment. We are a self-sufficient 501(c)3. All profits are reinvested into our program.  We have purchased hundreds of distressed properties and rehabbed them into affordable homes for our program participants for over 14 years.  We have been managing the complete rehab, while simultaneously rehabilitating lives.  Helping program participants become successful in their everyday life and acquiring a family home is our passion.  We have helped program participants from many different walks of life and have offered a "hand-up" regardless of their rocky past.

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