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H2H has assisted over THOUSANDS of individuals:



Formerly incarcerated

The abused

Homeless who are tired of being homeless

Any person who desires a better life

H2H's goal is to help program participants find a career.

Everyone entering Homeless 2 Homeownership-House program is expected to obtain a job and work steadily as a part of the program.

A participant in the program must attend monthly job training classes, which include help with resume building, computer literacy, and finding available jobs until the program participant finds employment.

H2H will assist anyone who is willing to obtain and maintain a job by working with certain companies. After 12 months, 52% of the participants involved in this program have successfully kept a job, as opposed to someone off the street.

Along with employment services, we offer housing for the program participant as well.

H2H provides emergency, interim, and long-term housing based on need.

Services Offered:


Legal assistance (navigating the legal process)

Job Training

Job Placement

Regaining Driver's License (a popular service)

Family unification

Credit Repair

We Are Coming To Your City

Jobs Class in your area

We will start the process in your area with a jobs class.  This is the first of many things we do:

  • Clean up the program participants garbage (warrants, license, court).

  • Gives our program participants a fresh start.

  • Teaches program participants about becoming employed and all the paperwork to become a tax paying citizen. 


Our experience has shown that most individuals fall off the wagon many times.  We are giving them a reason to stay.  

Our program, along with God's Grace, gives our program participants the ability to be empowered and to stay on the road to recovery.

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