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Who needs a FRESH START?

Whether you are an addict, formerly incarcerated, in an abusive relationship or are in foreclosure we can help you with a 

At some point in life, most people need a Hand Up.
Homeless 2 Homeownership is that Hand Up. 
Our FRESH START Program will assist financially troubled homeowners with a new financial start. 
Over the past few years, many "We Buy Homes" companies have sprung up promising to offer you a fair dollar amount for your home, yet, when the time comes to finalize the transaction, you get less that what was promised, or you are left in a worse position by losing your home at the Foreclosure Action as well as having a final judgement affecting your credit and financial future. NOT Homeless 2 Homeownership. H2H is a 501 C 3, Not 4 Profit organization.

H2H is here to help negotiate with your Bank, Lender or Servicing Company to refinance your mortgage, discount your mortgage or provide another solution that is in YOUR best interest. 

H2H will also assist in resolving the issues that lead you to your current situation, including additional job training, employment placement, financial education, etc.

If you are interested in a FREE CONSULTATION, contact us here. Everyone's circumstances are different and will be evaluated on an individualized, case-by-case basis. 

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