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Life Skills - Social Services - Employment Services


Homeless 2 Homeownership (“H2H”) along with its community partners, works with municipalities to revitalize low-income neighborhoods and residents living in the community.

Community Development 

H2H receives donated, distressed properties from municipalities (typically in blighted neighborhoods), rehabs the properties, rents, or sells to a local resident. NO OUTSIDERS TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE.


Typical disposition of property:

• sell to a graduate of our program

• rent to a resident during our program

• sell to a local resident

• donate to a woman whom we assisted with family unification (42)

Workforce Development 

H2H employs our residents to work on the property, earning a Real Estate Operations Certificate. While a member of the H2H community, we provide:

• maintain a clean & sober lifestyle

• social services

• regain their driver's license

• dispose of any open legal matters

• assist with banking and credit repair

Community Development + Workforce Development 

H2H has been involved in over 200 fix & flips, while assisting over 20,000 individuals with an opportunity to be tax-paying, self-supportive, productive members of society.

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